Why focus on relationships?

Because I know from my own life that when I am distant, upset, and cold towards my wife or daughter I ain’t happy. I selfishly want a good family life and strive to create grace filled relationships.

And then I want to share this passion with folx wanting happier relationships for themselves.

Who else am I?

I’m an artist with a degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz. My love for coaching and art come together in my comic strip 50 Minute Fix, which is an absurdist take on the world of therapy and coaching.

I’m a spiritual aspirant. I was raised Catholic and from there searched high and low for my calling. Meditative traditions of Vipassana Buddhism, Christian Centering Prayer, Tarot, Entheogens, Chinese martial arts, A Course in Miracles, weight lifting, and Ashtanga Yoga have been major stops along the way.

Specialized Training


  • M.A., Texas State University, Professional Counseling, 2008
  • B.A., University of California Santa Cruz, Studio Art, 2000