Who Are You At Your Worst?

Who are you at your worst when hurt by your partner, overwhelmed, and defensive? Do you get high and mighty, or do you retreat into a shell? Do you blow things up, or do you melt down? Use the [...]

10 Relationship Agreements for a Drama-Free Life

Every relationship is built on agreements.  Some are created with consideration, and some form over time unconsciously.  Healthy relationship agreements function to clarify values, to offer care and protection, and to create shared reality together.  Here are ten agreements [...]

Does Your Spiritual Practice Include the Hard Stuff?

The hard stuff is facing difficult emotions.  Sometimes it takes heroic efforts to digest emotional experiences rather than avoid them.  A balanced spiritual path includes and integrates emotional reality.  But sometimes spiritual tools themselves can be used to control [...]

Emotional Layers to Inner Peace

The path to inner peace is not comfortable.  It requires us to traverse through our psychological defenses, our emotional world, and our relationships.  These layers often hold pain and fear so we avoid facing them.  Willingness and support make [...]

Parenting As Emotional Edge Work

Parenting is emotional edge work, and each phase of child development presents unique emotional challenges to the parent.  Emotional edge work is the practice of willingly and compassionately facing the emotional pain of life. As a new Dad, I’m knee deep in opportunities to work my own edge.

How to Get the Most Out of Coaching

There is so much to consider when creating a satisfying therapy experience. Some clients have the best of intentions when getting started with therapy, but find themselves feeling stuck and discouraged about what to talk about and how to get the most out of the process.  Here are some guidelines ...

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