Common Issues Coaching Addresses:

► Couples who fight
► Couples who avoid each other
► Couples who try to fix each other (rather than themselves)
► Sexless marriages
► Affair/Trust recovery
► Drugs/Alcohol or other compulsive behaviors causing problems
► Couples raising kids/Running a business together
► Well intended couples doing their best and not getting along

Outcomes of Relationship Coaching:

❏ Reclaim the Purpose of Your Relationship(s)
❏ Reduce Fights
❏ Collaborate on Shared Goals
❏ Restore Enjoyment and Intimacy
❏ Happier Relationship with Yourself, Partner, Children

What to Expect:

● Direct and Kind Feedback
Concrete Skills
Active Guidance
Emotional Recovery Work

What Not to Expect:

○ Passive Facilitation
Allowing Emotional Abuse (Yelling, Name Calling, Harshness, Blame) in Sessions
○ Avoidance of Emotional Issues Driving Behavior

Relationship skills (communication, listening, repair, etc.) are crucial, but when we become emotionally distressed, as we often do when in partnership and raising a family, we regress into protecting ourselves emotionally. The tools we know we should use go out the window when we are too hurt and upset. Emotional presence (self-regulation, self-parenting, emotional mindfulness, etc.) is our way back to love, back to our higher mind functioning, back to the ability to care for our partner.

Ways to Work

Client Testimonials

“My experience with Matthew for marriage coaching was excellent. He is great at avoiding confrontational set-ups and never takes sides. Frankly, he probably saved our marriage. If real communication is what you are after, look no further.”

- M and E

“Raising kids changed everything in our marriage.  Matthew helps us not rage at each other, work as a team, and remember the purpose of us being together:  Our love for one another.”


- K and B

“Matthew has helped reduce our fighting by a factor of 50.  We run a business together on top of running a family, and we’re negotiating our needs better and speaking more kindly to one another.  Name calling and criticism is better under control.”

- S and C

“Our process of separation has been painful, and Matthew is helping maintain mutual respect and friendship as we go.  We’ve both grown in the process and are honoring each other’s grief and need for space.”

- J and D

“After a breach of trust our emotional connection has been restored. And we co-parent more as equals after working with Matthew.  He has given us concrete tools to take away and we enjoy our marriage as a team again.”

- D and D

“Grouchiness and mutual blame is so much better between the two of us.  And now we can talk about hard topics on our own and collaborate together, like the possibility of moving out of state and career changes.”

- T and S

“Matthew played a critical role in building a strong foundation in my partner and I’s relationship.  He helped us before we were married, in our first few years after the wedding and right before childbirth.  I’m certain we wouldn’t be where we are today without his incredible help.“

- H and B

“We continue to be going strong and are so appreciative of our work with Matthew. He truly has helped us get through the toughest part of our relationship.”

- N and J


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